WHAT DO MORMONS BELIEVE? Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

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Mormons do believe that when Christ was upon the earth, He established His Church among the people. After His Crucifixion and the death of His Apostles, the Church was taken from the earth.People began turning away from the true teachings of Christ and established new churches with only partial truths taught from Christ church. The many churches that were established did not have the priesthood power to lead people to the true knowledge of God and Jesus Christ. Parts of the scriptures were altered, corrupted or lost and no one on earth had the authority to perform priesthood ordinances or confer the gift of the Holy Ghost. This time was known as the Great Apostasy, a 2,000-year period. Mormons believe that the fullness of the gospel was restored in 1820 through the Prophet Joseph Smith. When God the Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith in 1820 it was believed to be the beginning of the true gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth. Beginning in 1820, the Prophet Joseph Smith was taught by angels and received many revelations. He received the plates on which to translate the Book of Mormon, which is believed to be the complete gospel of Jesus Christ and another testament of the Savior. He was also given the keys of the kingdom (meaning the Church) and the power of the priesthood.1 In the Old Testament, Daniel prophesied that God ‘would set up a kingdom’ that would ‘never be destroyed’, and would ‘stand forever’.2 Mormons believe that Daniel was speaking about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints/Mormons. Since 1820 when the Mormon Church was organized with only six members, it has grown to twelve million members [2006] and continues to grow. The Book of Mormon has been translated in to many languages and Mormon Temples dot the earth. Mormons believe that God has guided this work since 1820 and continues to do so through each living prophet since Joseph Smith and now through the current Mormon Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley. The same teachings, organization, ordinances and doctrines that were taught by Christ when He was upon the earth, are found in the Mormon Church today. Other interesting links: Mormon beliefs What do Mormons believe 1 "Book of Mormon", Doctrine and Covenants 27:12-13; 65; 128:20 2 "Holy Bible", Daniel 2:44