CFQuickDocs links to LiveDocs

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For those that don’t know, I maintain a tool called CFQuickDocs which offers a quick and easy reference for ColdFusion tags and functions. It’s built with Ajax techniques, using AjaxCFC, and many have told me it’s much easier to use than LiveDocs.Anyway, Adam Cameron asked me to add a link to the relevant LiveDocs page from each tag/function page in CFQuickDocs. This is useful for pages where LiveDocs has links to other documentation pages not found in CFQuickDocs, like the Regular Expressions syntax. I never imagined I’d be still adding features to this after all this time…it’s been live for about 7 months, and I always thought it would just be there with out much maintenance. But you guys keep coming up with good feature suggestions, so I can’t seem to forget this silly little tool. :)If any of you find bugs or problems with this new feature, or anything else in CFQuickDocs, please let me know.