25 Worst Tech products

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I ran across PCWorld’s list of the top 25 worst tech products ever. I was surprised by some of them, but for the most part I agreed. Number 1 was AOL, and I pretty much agree with that choice. #4 is Windows Millennium, again I agree. #8 is MSIE 6, I agree but I’d put it higher on the list. Counting Microsoft Bob at #7, Microsoft has 3 products on the top 10. One could almost count #6 as Microsoft’s problem, the Disney Lion King CD-Rom, because it’s problem was that it relied on a graphics technology MS produced that was a predecessor to Direct X, and didn’t work with most video cards.One that surprised me was #15, the Iomega Zip drive. I thought that was a large success, although short lived. But I guess thousands of them had problems and ate the disks including all data on them. I wasn’t aware of that. They also list RealPlayer as #2, and I didn’t really like it but I wouldn’t put it at #2 (I’d probably put IE up there 😉 ).