Access -> Sybase workaround

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I was reading The Daily WTF today and saw what you may need to do if you want to access a Sybase database from MS Access. My first response was, why are you using Access? Ok, I know that a lot of people have legacy code and/or users out there. But this person was getting a useless error message in Access, and had found help on Sybase’s site. He had to use the registry editor to create a datasource with this string “WorkArounds2=8192” So obviously, the Access developers had found this problem in development (probably QA actually), but rather than fixing it they created this ‘workaround’.By the way, how many of you knew that Sybase SQL Server is the codebase that Microsoft started with to build MS SQL Server? Another interesting historical note, the first release of MS SQL Server was 1.0 for OS/2 in 1989 (no Windows release). Also, there was no MS SQL Server 2.0 nor 3.0. They skipped from 1.0 to 4.21 for Windows NT and OS/2 in 1993 (what the crap?) They then skipped v. 5 and realeased 6.0 in 1995. Can you say inferiority complex?