New CFQuickDocs Features

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I’ve uploaded an update to CFQuickDocs, my tool for quickly looking up documentation on ColdFusion tags and functions. After my last update, I had a few feature suggestions from the CF community. Here’s what’s new:1. If you filter a list down to only one item, CFQuickDocs now automatically loads that last result, saving the need to click on it. Thanks to Pete Ruckelshaus for this great idea.2. There is now a ‘Link to this page’ link on at the top of each tag/function page. This allows you to easily bookmark individual pages. Thanks to Ray Camden for this suggestion.I also fixed a bug. My last update added random tips to CFQuickDocs. These worked great, except for when you went directly to a page using a URL like so: This case also tried to load a random tip (normally I show a tip on page load), but it caused an error because the div for the tips is hidden when a tag/function is loaded.