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I want to start a series of articles on my blog, exposing things that are better in ColdFusion when compared to competing web scripting languages. Today I’m looking at ASP.Net and form validation.I already know that ColdFusion has some rock solid, easy to use, built-in form validation. For example, today I needed a year field, and I wanted to make sure the user can only enter 2005 or greater, as well as integer only (of course). I just needed to use the range and validate elements of the cfselect tag, and CF builds all the JS for me. And this is cross browser compatible JS.I wanted to see how easy form validation is in ASP.Net. I did some googling, and found a web based lesson on the subject. In that lesson, they only show you how to do server side validation. Of course, it is very smart to do both client and server side validation, but where’s the client side in this lesson? Don’t look, it’s not there.Next I found this site which details various ways to do client side validation with ASP. Wait, I don’t see any ASP.Net there, it’s all JavaScript. Well, there is one vbscript snippet, but it’s just in html’s