ColdFusion Jobs Going Inert?

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I read this article today over at In it, David Utter claims that ColdFusion jobs are a dying trend, and that “ColdFusion programmers may find themselves working more with the product to build applications integrated with Java or .NET environments.”The problem with his analysis is that he based this conclusion on one job search, at one job board (SimplyHired). The author admits that his report is unscientific, however he still asserts that CF programmers should start looking to other technologies. The site offers a feedback link at the bottom of the story, and I intend to use it. I’m not going to display my own bias by launching into a tirade, however I think a gentle observation of the facts can be helpful. For example, the Tiobe index which shows explosive ColdFusion growth over the last year.Update: Mr. Utter responded to my email, and stated that he was wrong to imply that CF job availability is going down. But he sent me a link to this graph which shows that CF job growth is flat. Then he says, “That graph isn’t even remotely encouraging, unfortunately.” I responded to him: “I agree, if that graph is accurate. The thing that bothers me about it is their data is not transparent. For example, the Tiobe index openly tells you all of the search engines they index. But the Indeed site only has this response ‘Indeed searches jobs listed on job boards, newspaper sites and niche sites.‘ How do I know they aren’t leaving out certain cities? Plus, you have to consider that most job boards/newspapers charge for job listings. I know that all of the jobs I’ve found have NOT been through these sources, they’ve been through friends or government job boards (closed to the public).”