Are OO coding frameworks slower?

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Today there was an interesting comment in a thread on CF-Talk, a popular ColdFusion mailing list. While talking about what he sees as a steep learning curve for OO frameworks, the cf-talker mentioned this: “I also noticed that model-glue runs very slow, the site we built with it takes several seconds for each page to load off the local network.” Model-Glue is one of the popular CF frameworks.I have been planning to convert cfQuickDocs to Model-Glue because I’ve wanted to learn one of these frameworks, and I’ve heard good things about MG. However, I was curious if the MG version would be slower than my current procedural version. It’s possible that the above mentioned person had some other bottleneck in his code or systems, so I don’t want to assume that he’s right. If I have enough time, I’ll perform some load testing on the two versions and publish the results. At the minimum, I’ll do some unscientific eyeballing.