CFUnited Celebrity Deathmatch

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As I mentioned previously, I’m going to this year’s CFUnited, reportedly the best conference for ColdFusion. I went last year too, but this time my schedule is going to be a lot tighter, and I’m not staying in the hotel where the conference is (trying to cut costs). So I haven’t really been looking forward to it until yesterday. I got the CFUnited newsletter, and read about the celebrity deathmatch.In the ColdFusion community there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the various frameworks. The popular ones are FuseBox, Mach II, and Model Glue, and their purpose is to give you an easy way to bring OO development to your CF code. Anyway, it seems that most people either love them or hate them. Hal Helms is a driving force behind these frameworks, having pioneered FuseBox and Mach II. On the other hand, the editor of ColdFusion Developer’s Journal, Simon Horwith, has been an outspoken critic of frameworks. His contention is that a solid coding methodology is just as good as using a pre-canned framework. So at CFUnited, one of the sessions is going to be a debate between Hal and Simon, and I think that’s going to be a hoot! Not only will it be entertaining, but I think it will be very informative. I think that will be one of the busiest sessions at the conference.