cfQuickDocs and ajaxCFC

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I’ve been planning to try to port cfQuickDocs to ajaxCFC because Rob Gonda says that Safari is supported. I have had problems with Safari on CFAjax, and while I really like that ajax library, the developer has not responded to my requests to fix the problems with Safari. Admittedly this can be difficult, because debugging works best if you have a Mac available to test with. Fortunately for me, Sean has graciously tested cfQuickDocs for me on occasion, and thus far cfQuickDocs works in Safari. However, the latest versions of CFAjax don’t seem to work in Safari.Anyway, last night it took me about a half hour to port cfQuickDocs to ajaxCFC, which was a lot faster than I expected! I guess the biggest reason is because both CFAjax and ajaxCFC are based on the same Java library. I just had to make minor modifications to my code base. I haven’t made the ajaxCFC version live yet, because I want to do some more bug testing first.So far I am impressed with ajaxCFC. Two big differences stand out so far:1. Installation is very easy and domain independent. CFAjax requires you to change some script location variables in a few files, and it can be difficult to get things running. ajaxCFC has all configuration in one location, and it doesn’t tie you to your domain (it doesn’t matter if you are on your dev box or your live server)2. Error messages! CFAjax doesn’t return an error if your CF function fails, you just don’t get a response. ajaxCFC has a mechanism for returning an error.Update: Fixed a bad link.