Another CFML server

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I ran across another ColdFusion server today, and that makes 3 that I know of (I haven’t really searched for more so there may be others). This one is called Railo, and its from a company in Europe (a .ch TLD, is that Checkoslovakia Czechoslovakia?) I found their compatibility list, and there are 3 ColdFusion functions and 18 tags that they haven’t implemented yet. That’s pretty close to the real thing! However, they are only trying to cover the features of CFMX 6.1 so far, so those of us that would be looking for v. 7 features will be disappointed (no mention of cfdocument).Personally I think this is pretty cool, and virtually zero threat to Adobe ColdFusion. The way I see it, CFML is a language, whereas ColdFusion is a server built and supported by Adobe. Adobe has the best features/support for CFML on the market. But if other companies want to take a stab at CFML, I think that’s great. Especially because both Railo and BlueDragon have free versions, which brings CFML to the masses (ColdFusion is expensive for the little folks).Update: Nick informed me that .ch is Switzerland.