ColdFusion cookie management

Not too long after I switched this blog to BlogCFC, I added an auto-save feature to the entry screen. It saves each entry to a cookie, and then if your browser crashes or you have a power failure, the entry screen will find your post in the cookie and let you restore it. I wanted to change this feature so the cookie would be deleted after you’ve saved an entry. My thinking is, if you’ve saved an entry, you don’t need it saved in a cookie anymore. Plus, the saved entry shows up when you create a new unrelated post(as long as it hasn’t expired), so deleting the cookie after saving would prevent that also. Well, I ran into problems deleting the cookie. No matter what I tried I couldn’t get my code to delete the cookie! Eventually I did a search, and found this Macromedia TechNote that described the problem I was having. It looks like it’s from 2002, and it states that ColdFusion cannot delete a cookie unless the name is in all upper case letters. Apparently CF always creates cookie names in upper case, and I guess the developers forgot to account for cases where a cookie would be in lower/mixed case. In my auto-save feature, I am creating the cookie with JavaScript, and I am doing it in mixed case. So as soon as I changed stuff to all upper case, things worked great. I have to say, in closing, that I’m disappointed with the CF developers for 1. having the bug in the first place and 2. not fixing it for the past 3 years, especially since they had a major release earlier this year.