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Someone told me about a cool Firefox plugin today that I wanted to make note of here for future reference. It’s called View Rendered Source Chart. Long name, but very cool nonetheless.A lot of web developers dynamically generate page content with JavaScript. Ajax is built on this concept. If you have ever used Google’s Gmail, you will have noticed how fast it is. The reason it is so fast is because they are doing a LOT of work behind the scenes with JavaScript. But what if you wanted to see the source code for an application you are working on, in its current state. In other words, the source the way it would look after dynamic things have happened. Today’s web browsers don’t allow this, because they just display the source code the way it was first rendered.This Firefox extension will show you the source code even after dynamic things have fired on the page. For example, in my cfQuickDocs application, if you filter the ColdFusion function list to show every thing that starts with ‘bit’, this extension will show you the source code including the new content my application put on the page! Very handy! When I view source for cfQuickDocs in Firefox it just displays an empty div tag, which is the way I built the page (my JavaScript functions fill the div tag with content based on user input).By the way, this person’s site says you need to pay for the latest version, but I find the free (older) version to be just fine. 🙂