BlogCFC 4.0

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I just got through upgrading my blog to BlogCFC 4.0. It was kind of a pain because I’d made quite a few modifications to my local installation, so I had to get all those modifications into 4.0 after I’d installed it. But its worth it, this new version has some cool features. There’s now a time offset for times when the webserver is in a different time zone than the blogger. He added trackbacks, linking, technorati link checking. He also added a login prompt to the ‘New entry’ screen, which shows up if you aren’t logged in. This is nice for adding a bookmarklet to your browser toolbar for adding a new entry. I created this one:javascript:void('','eWin','width=550,height=700,menubar=yes,personalbar=no,dependent=true,directories=no,status=yes,toolbar=yes,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes'));That way I can click that bookmark at any time and it will pop open a new entry window from my blog (I use Firefox, by the way). 🙂