Firefox usage share up again

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OneStat just released web browser usage stats again. This time the numbers are pretty impressive for Firefox. From their site:The most popular browsers on the web are:

1. Microsoft IE 85.45 %
2. Mozilla Firefox 11.51 %
3. Apple Safari 1.75 %
4. Netscape 0.26 %
5. Opera 0.77 %

The most popular browsers in the USA are:

1. Microsoft IE 80.73%
2. Mozilla Firefox 14.07 %
3. Apple Safari 3.55 %
4. Netscape 0.76 %
5. Opera 0.77 %

I find it intersting that Firefox has a better usage share in the US than in the rest of the web. Most of the numbers I’ve seen show the US as using IE more.I have to say that I don’t find these company’s stats to be completely reliable. Looking at stats gathered from one company’s statics software is kind of a skew. However, since most of these studies show similar numbers, they must be fairly accurate.