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Another feature that Blogger has that BlogCFC doesn’t have is post previews. While you are typing a post, you can click a button that shows you what your post will look like. This is useful for formatting of posts, and html and such.Well, I was able to add this feature to this blog. I used JavaScript, and duplicated some of the things that BlogCFC does when you save a post. For example, you can use <code> tags to tell BlogCFC to display a section of code as is, so the broswer doesn’t try to interpret and display it. I was able to get this to work with JavaScript as well. I don’t modify the origal entry though, so when you click the ‘return to entry’ button, everything is as you left it.The only feature that I still miss from Blogger now is the auto code buttons, like adding links, bold, italics, etc. But I’m not sure if I’ll try to add those or not, it seems a bit complicated. 😉