First post

This is not really my first blog post, but I am in the process of converting my existing blog over to BlogCFC. This is ColdFusion based blog software built by Ray Camden. There are two reasons I am doing this:1. I love ColdFusion and would prefer to have my blog powered by it.2. I recently switched to a new web host, one that has ColdFusion. will not publish to this new web host. <geek speak>Blogger passes both active/passive ftp requests through port 21, and my host only allows passive on port 21. Active has to be on a different port. They told me I would have to switch to their Windows hosting to use Blogger, and I’m not doing that! :)</geek speak>I am going to be working on porting all of my existing posts over to this new blog, and when I get things all set up, I’ll put a redirect in at the old blog to this new spot (notice the /blog in this URL).There are some features missing in this software, when compared to blogger. For example, post preview, and GUI stuff like buttons for links, images, etc. But, I have been really frustrated with Blogger’s frequent outages, where everything seems to be working OK, but for some reason I can’t post to my blog. I type out an entry, hit post, and it just spins forever without ever posting. Hopefully I’ll have a more reliable blog with BlogCFC. And the developer just told me he’s releasing BlogCFC 4.0 here soon, so hopefully it has some cool new features! 🙂