Senator Requests Investigation of ‘Grand Theft’

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There’s been a bit of controversy surrounding the latest Grand Theft Auto PC game. Apparently, you can download a 3rd party code that allows you to put your player into explicit sexual situations. The ESRB is investigating to find out of the original game contained the explicit code, or if it was added by the 3rd party. Rockstar Games did not reveal this content when they applied for an ESRB rating.
Well, there’s a senator that is asking the FTC to investigate Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. She hopes to make the entire ratings system more strict, as it has become common practice to avoid the Adults Only rating because most retailers won’t sell games with that rating. She also wants the retailers to be investigated to find out if they are allowing children to buy games rated above their age level.
The big surprise behind this news is the identity of this Senator. Its not any republican, as most would expect…it’s Hillary Clinton! I guess the dems are finally showing signs of getting in touch with the parents and others in this country that don’t want to see our media saturated with smut.