Culture of Death

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The Terri Schiavo events have lead to a new term I have heard from a lot of conservative voices. The claim is that because most Liberals believe in abortion rights and euthanasia, they are fostering a “Culture of Death” (example 1, example 2). I was thinking about this claim, and I’ve decided that this argument doesn’t hold water, if you look at three major planks in most Liberal’s platforms:

  1. Environmentalism
    • Liberals actively try to save the lives of our planet’s vegetation.

  2. Animal rights
    • It is also a liberal movement that is proposing we stop animal testing, harvesting for animal furs, and inhumane conditions at farms/food factories.

  3. Death penalty
    • It is Liberals, not Conservatives, that want to abolish the death penalty.

You may think that I am a liberal after reading this, but I am not. I actually lean to the right politically, I just try to think for myself instead of marching to the tune of the latest popular conservative mantra.