The Acid2 challenge to Microsoft

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Microsoft has been challenged to a virtual duel by Opera. Well, not really, but its fun to think of this as that.
Back in 1997 Todd Fahrner created a website called Acid that was meant to be a test bed of all the latest web standards. All the browsers makers tried to make sure that web page rendered well in their respective products, and even IE 6 was coded to pass the ‘acid test’. Well, as we all know, that was basically the last time Microsoft did anything to support the standards.
Now Hakon Wium Lie, Opera’s CTO, is going to create Acid2. It will be hosted by the Web Standards Project, and will be similar to the original Acid site except coded for today’s latest standards , like CSS2. Lie has emailed Bill Gates to inform him of the challenge, and we are all hoping that Microsoft will finally step up to the plate and make their next browser, IE 7, standards compliant.