Compressed format of XML

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C|net ran a report today on discussions around a new type of XML called Binary XML that is meant to increase its performance in high bandwidth usage situations. Basically it looks like they want to compress it, as now XML feeds are just plain text. A lot of people are concerned that binary XML would lead to fractured standards, but I figure if the W3C gets behind it and publishes a recommendation, it would stick. They already have formed a working group to look into it. I know that hasn’t always worked in the past, but in this case Microsoft (or anybody else) doesn’t control the software involved with XML, so they can’t change the standard to their liking. I think if they get binary XML working, I’d like to see the same thing spread to xhtml/css, etc. Some say, why worry about bandwidth…just increase your pipe. But I’m a strong believer in efficiency, and any decrease in file size is almost always a good thing in my opinion.