Harsh criticism for Microsoft

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In an article on c|net about another security vulnerability found in IE, Richard Starnes is quoted with some extremely harsh words for Microsoft’s coding practices. Starnes is an IT security professional with 20 years under his belt in the industry. He said, “I wonder how solid Microsoft’s coding would become if strategic governments around the world removed the liability shield that software manufactures now currently enjoy. They would then have some real financial incentive to get it right the first time, instead of this Computer Science 101 coding they are continually churning out. Most commercial releases of software today wouldn’t have made it out of beta 20 years ago.”
It’s an interesting point of view I hadn’t heard before. I’m not a liberal democrat, but I have to say that the current US government will never punish Microsoft nor any other company for bad code. We will have to wait for another Democrat to become president for that to happen. Remember, the government’s anti-trust case against Microsoft was almost entirely executed under Bill Clinton with Janet Reno as the Attorney General. Not long after President Bush took office, Microsoft was successfully able to convince the Department of Justice to accept a settlement, with John Ashcroft as the new Attorney General.