Really Unemployed

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For the last 3 months I’ve been unemployed. But, even though I’ve been hard at work looking for a job, I haven’t been too worried because my wife still had her job at a local law firm. Well, now she’s been laid off as well!
We were kind of expecting it, though. Unfair as it may seem, they have been treating her badly ever since last year when she was very ill and took a temporary medical leave. Ms. Olson, the firm administrator, is a highly focused career woman, and apparently doesn’t get a long well with people that value their health, family, and lives enough to devote time to them. They even have a policy in place that rewards employees for not taking too much time off. Don’t get me wrong though, my wife was/is a hard worker. But she managed to get on the wrong side of this administrator, and there seemed to be nothing she could do to save her job.
Oh well, we both have a lot of good prospects going, and my wife got a pretty decent severance package that will hold us over for about 2 months.