Microsoft is destroying itself

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I was referred to a very good article today. It describes how things have changed over at Redmond in recent years, and these changes could lead to users losing their dependence on Windows. Its a very good read, and you should go read it; but in short Joel makes the point that Microsoft’s increasingly difficult APIs, and the increasing power of web apps, will move more and more mission critical apps to the web. Once people are using mostly web apps, who needs Windows? I can easily use cool web apps like Gmail and Yahoo! Games from my friendly Linux PC. I think Joel may be overstating the issue though, because I don’t think anybody will be using software like the latest Unreal Tournament or Paint Shop Pro on the web any time soon. Sure, most business apps can and maybe will move to the web, but there is still a very large and profitable software market that works best in a rich client like Windows (or Linux, if you are like me).