Anyone want a cell phone?

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We’ve gotten ourselves into a pickle (not totally our fault, by the way). We just moved our cell phone service to T-Mobile, from Sprint. It turns out that one of our old cell phone numbers is still on a 2 year contract, and we can’t get rid of it without paying the early termination fee. We are pretty upset about this, because my wife was told by a Sprint customer service person that both of our contracts had expired. If any of you want to help us out by taking this contract off of our hands (it ends November 2005), we will throw in the phone with the accessories. So you are getting a free Nokia 3588i with a headset (like this one) and charger, and we will transfer our contract to you. You can pick whatever plan Sprint has available right now. If you are interested, drop a comment in this post and we will work it out.
Update: We found someone to take the cell phone off of our hands.