Adware takes advantage of unpatched IE flaws

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C|Net is reporting on 2 Microsoft Internet Explorer flaws that were previously uknown to Microsoft. These flaws, discovered by a security researcher, have apparently been exploited by adware company I-Lookup. If you visit the wrong site (could be a popup), their software is installed on your computer. This is a new toolbar that is added to your existing IE toolbars, and it creates popups while you are online. Microsoft is trying to build a case against the responsible company(s), and have contacted the FBI, as they consider this a case where criminal charges should be brought.
Have I mentioned before that you should upgrade to FireFox? Not only is FireFox more secure, but it does the best job of popup blocking that I’ve seen so far. At least, a move to FireFox instantly gets you out of the ‘IE vulnarability’ camp, because you won’t be using IE anymore! 🙂