Microsoft won’t drop the price of Windows

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Microsoft settled the lawsuit against them by the state of California. The socialist state was accusing them of charging too much for Windows. Apparently Microsoft would rather pay 1.1 billions dollars (US) than drop the price of Windows a little bit…but I would never expect Microsoft to care about the budgets of their customers. And they wonder why so many people pirate/steal their software…
Ok, so they are giving all californians a $5-$29 voucher that can be used for most computer stuff. But I’d rather see them drop the price of Windows accross the board. Oh well, I wasn’t really planning on buying a copy of Windows anytime soon anyway. I might when Longhorn comes out in a couple of years, but since I bought XP I’m all caught up.
Wait a second…what am I saying? I am primarily a Linux user, I’d love more people to come to Linux. Jack up those prices uncle Bill!!