Tony Blair is awesome

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Tony blair gave a speech yesterday because he was given a U.S. Congress gold medal of honor. His speech was to a joint meeting of Congress, and its the first time a British prime minister has done that since 1985, Margaret Thatcher. Tony Blair just shined with purpose, dignity, honor, and courage. This world needs more leaders like Him.
Here is a quote from his speech:
“Members of Congress, I feel a most urgent sense of mission about today’s world. September 11 was not an isolated event, but a tragic prologue, Iraq another act, and many further struggles will be set upon this stage before it’s over.
There never has been a time when the power of America was so necessary or so misunderstood, or when, except in the most general sense, a study of history provides so little instruction for our present day.”
Here’s another:
“And our job, my nation that watched you grow, that you fought alongside and now fights alongside you, that takes enormous pride in our alliance and great affection in our common bond, our job is to be there with you.
You are not going to be alone. We will be with you in this fight for liberty. And if our spirit is right and our courage firm, the world will be with us.”
I salute you, Tony Blair!