Unbreakable Oracle breaks

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Oracle has been marketing its 9i database as ‘Unbreakable’, but yesterday Orbitz‘s website went dark. Orbitz’s service is based on Oracle database, and according to this article, Oracle is working with Orbitz and some other unnamed companies to get Orbitz back up. Orbitz launched the web based travel service 2 years ago.
Oracle started this marketing campaign because of the results of an internal test they ran. Apparently they challenged hackers to break into a website based on Oracle 9i, and the site was un-defiled for 2 months. A few months later, a security specialist found “a bevy of software flaws” in Oracle 9i.
I’m sorry Oracle fans, but Larry Ellison needs to be humbled. He’s way too cocky for me, and that is one of the reasons I’ll probably never use an Oracle product again if I can avoid it. There are too many good alternatives out there.