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My wife pointed me to a new cool online game the other day called NationStates. Its a game that lets you create a government in their online virtual world, and make decisions on policy issues and such. Its become very popular, now hosting over 11,000 nations. Here’s an example issue:
A group of emergency room doctors has petitioned the government to introduce mandatory organ donations.
1. “It’s not as crazy as it sounds,” says Dr. Hack Longfellow. “Every day, people die because we don’t have the organs to save them. Well, that and widespread under-funding of the health system. But the point is, if the government allowed us to take organs from dead people, we could save hundreds of lives a year. And come on, it’s not like dead people need them.”
2. “You keep your hands off my organs!” says alarmed hospital patient Zeke Longfellow. “They are my organs, and I’ll do with them what I like. The government has no right to my body.”
Check out my nation.