sold my email address to spammers!!!

(I now admit that my address was probably obtained through’s public whois database…)
I gave a spammotel address because I didn’t trust them with a real address and man, am I glad I did! I recieved my first spam through that email address today. And I went promptly to the website and sent them a nasty email about it.
Here is the spammotel header for the email:
————–Forwarded by SpamMotel————–
–from “The Morgans” <>–
Spam Motel address created on 2001-10-30 16:26:44
This Message received on Mon Jul 29 20:34:57 EDT 2002
Last Message received on 2002-07-13 09:44:41
No. 19 Messages Forwarded: 25 Messages Received: 25
*** For domain name ***

And here is the text of the email:
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Regarding your domain name
* If you own a .com/.net/.org, you are advised to register
your .ws “web site” domain before someone else takes it forever.

* Major corporations such as Yahoo, ATT & Intel, have all
registered their .ws “web site” domains for their company names as well as all their trademarks, to protect them forever.

* .ws “web site” domains are in 180+ countries worldwide

* Availability for .ws is ~88% compared to ~24% for .com
We thought you’d find the article on .ws below interesting.
If you want more information on where to register .ws “web site” domains, and how to get a discount on multiple registrations, contact us at
Also, if you would like to increase traffic to your web site,
by submitting your URL to 500+ search engines and directories
at once, then call us today.
Joe & Stacy Morgan
Internet Names, LLC.


.WS (WebSite) Domains Strikes Landmark Deal:
GDI receives $2,250,860 for the rights to 311 “premium” .ws domain names.

Last week, GDI (Global Domains International, Inc.), the registry “web site” domains, closed a deal with a large publicly traded company, one of the biggest players in the .com arena, and received payment in full of $2,250,860 for the rights to a select group of “premium” .ws domain names. The 311 domain names will be resold to the highest bidders and ultimately developed into substantial .ws web sites, giving .ws even more publicity down the road.

Avoid using at all costs. See this post for more info on spammotel.