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I have been playing football on Saturday mornings the past couple of months. This has been pretty fun.
In the past, I have been too much of a nerd to play sports. But when some friends at church wanted to start playing every I decided to go. The main reason was so that I could get in shape. Also, my two choices of sports to play at the time were basketball and football. I hate to play basketball, so football it was.
I usually have fun, now that I don’t get super sore anymore. The only bad thing is that sometimes the people on my team get too competitive, getting mad when someone messes up. Also, a lot of the times I am given an assignment that is just ‘drawing people away’, or blocking. They rarely throw me the football. But I am getting better, and often I am on a better team that gives me more opportunities.
So, in summary, I am going to keep playing. I should get in shape (at least better than before), and it will probably change my life quite a bit. Hopefully it will give me more options when I am trying to decide something to do. And it should round out my character more, which will be fun.