Google Labs

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Google has a new ‘labs’ section of their site open. It is, and it has projects fresh out of their R&D, in beta form, ready to be tested by the public. One is a glossary search tool. You put in a word or phrase, and google tries to find a definition for it. I tried a few words and phrases, and most of them worked perfectly. I tried 802.11b, and klez, and those didn’t return good results. But the tool is beta, and most ‘normal people’ definitions seem to work. 🙂
These tools are part of Google’s efforts to solidify their leadership position in the search technologies market. They also show how google is becoming more and more willing to let people see what’s up their sleeve. Also, some of the tools Google has released lately give developers access to Google’s technologies, efforts that could lead to Google powered web services. So once again, Google has shown the world that they seem to be one step ahead of the rest.